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Creature Comforts - first and second season (2003)
Titelbild Darsteller
The Great British Public Various
Genre Animation; Comedy; Family
Sprache English
Laufzeit 10 Min.
Land UK
Farbe Farbe
IMDb Bewertung 8.3
In 2003, a series of Creature Comforts films was made for the British television network ITV by Aardman, with episodes directed by Richard Goleszowski. On ITV, the series is sponsored by British Gas. This series since aired as re-runs on Comedy Central, usually late at night. Starting in 2005 it has also aired in Australia on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, in The Netherlands on Veronica, on pay-TV channel UK.TV and on internet peer-to-peer TV Joost Aardman Animations Channel.

Another series of 10-minute episodes was aired on ITV, starting October 30, 2005. A 30-minute special in which the regular characters attempt to perform and interpret the Christmas carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was first aired on 25 December 2005. The special was broadcast in Canada on the CBC on December 26, 2005.

Humour pervades all aspects of the series, for example:

* A highly philosophical speech given by an amoeba.
* An alligator praising her neighbourhood, the sewer.
* Animals being scared of their own terrain (hydrophobic sharks and walruses, birds afraid of heights, etc.)
* Background details such as:
o Insects swarming into a gap in the paving stones when a slug mimics a bird call.
o Greys blinking in unison.
o A lab mouse being interviewed while another mouse with a human ear on his back walks by.

The series gently mocks the constructed performance sometimes given by members of the general public when being interviewed for television vox-pops and documentaries. This includes the attempts to present a cogent but simple conclusive answer to a general question — a sound bite — and the attempts to present a cheery spin on a complex issue while the subject attempts to hide their personal issues and problems with the issue.
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Medium DVD
Region Region 1
Bildformat 16:9 (anamorph 1:1.78)
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