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3D scanner SW Use your smartphone as a 3D scanner and start capturing your world in 3D
3D scanner SW SW to constructing a full-fledged 3D scanner with 2 cams + beamer
3D printers (220 models) , news and links
with web cam to 3D models (commercial $ 400)
123d catch
photos into 3D models: Very good video tutorials and easy to use. Simple use - quality and count of pictures has main impact on the result. The Pics are uploaded to a cloud and you get the result back. Modify view and detail, select quality, then resend and save (export: dwg, fbx, rzi, obj, ipm, las).
Free 3D model download
2014-01-19 ticket ID 31175

== OPEN ==

- Ask for print without support incl. backfalls refer to Ryan: It is possible to print without the bases but note that you may get inconsistent results. The PDMS layer of the resin tank could be uneven, or resin could get trapped on the underside of the model that is stuck to the build platform, which would cause models to fail or become distorted. The support structures give models suspension support as well as a way to clear reservoirs of resin that would otherwise get trapped.
2014-01-14 ticket ID 29812
local thread
== SOLVED ==

found a transport damage and submit a ticket.
- fast reply: should be possible to fix by myself, guarantee keeps valid, if the laser remount does not work, instructions in prepare
- open and looks indeed like slipped off the mounting - no further damage obvious, put it back
- got laser mounting instructions
looks woking well: my first print results detail_1 detail_2. One device on from left corner get deatached - need to observe, dust on mirror?
2013-11-30 Blender
Introduction for beginners
First steps in Blender
blender can run portable without installation
2013-11-15 Formlabs

intro video
Hints and Tips
don't mix resin types (dedicated power settings)
don't pour used resin back to new one (potential contermination)
- you can keep the used resin in the tank for few days
don't remove tank before build platform with design (resin drop on the mirror are critical)
avoid touching the tank on the surface (handle as optical components)
- recommended to use one tank for each resin type (cleaning up is complicate)
- tank fill level max. ~200ml
handle mirror carefully, avoid dust and particles (mirror has no glass protection)
May START the print after download due to possible download fail.
Laser Class 1, violet 405nm, max. output 120mW, laser shut off by opening the cover.
Preform 0.9.0 can deal with 3e6 verticles in .stl format. May use meshlab for stl conversion or Netfabb Studio Basic to repair stl.
enclosed surface, shall contain a drain for the resin - recommended 3mm.
full tank contains 200ml, designs with more than 100ml may need a refill while printing.
2013-11-12 delivery
get my form1 (Backer #1772, SN: HungryQualae) + 1 x and 3 x